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Position of Device Pool for ICT remote PABX

I have a ICT to another cluster which I wish to set the calls to use g729 across this link

Set up

Cluster A - phones A ICT to Cluster B phones B

Calls within Cluster A use G711

Calls within Cluster B use G711

Between clusters i.e over the ICT need to use G729

Cluster A phones are assigned Device Pool A which contains Region A

Cluster B phones are assigned Device Pool B which contains Region B

Within the region A

within Region A G711

to Region B G729

Within Region B

to Region A G729

within Region B G711

What Device Pool/ Region do I assign to Cluster A ICT to force calls to use G729

I can understand that calls within the cluster the CCM know what regions setting to apply as it knows about the called phone set up - DP`S, Location etc but if the called handset is across the ICT or to another PABX via GW`s how does the CCM know what to assign - is it because you would create a new DP called ICT and create a new Region called ICT and only assign G729 so all calls use g729?



Re: Position of Device Pool for ICT remote PABX


You are correct create a new device pool called ICT and a new region called ICT. Set the region to use G729 and in your new ICT device pool use the region ICT.

You would then assign the device pool ICT to your intercluster trunk

Hope this Helps



Re: Position of Device Pool for ICT remote PABX


Thanks for the confirmation

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