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Possible to register 9971 as an Advanced SIP Device

I'm aware that the lowest release of CUCM with official support for the 8900/9900 series IP Phones is 7.1.3(a)su1, but am wondering if it is possible to register the device as an advanced third-party SIP device in an earlier version of CUCM (6.1).  I'm aware that certain functionality would not be available in this example, but any information is greatly appreciated if this is at least possible.  Unfortunately, an upgrade to CUCM 7.x is not likely at this time.  A possibility in the future, but we're trying to get the endpoint to function even with restricted functionality in the meantime.  Thanks again.


Re: Possible to register 9971 as an Advanced SIP Device

It may work, as I have seen it running with Asterisk.

Just to clarify we wont support it if it doesnt work/register

But you are misisng all the cool features

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Re: Possible to register 9971 as an Advanced SIP Device

Thanks for the response.  I'm hoping that it can basically be made to work with video.  Kinda foolish for them to purchase 9971 without looking at the minimum supported CM version...but...some people want what they want when they see it lol.  After doing more research into these devices, it kind of makes me want one lol.  I think I may have found the upgrade for my 7970G :-).  Thanks again for your answer.

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