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Pre-Paid Phone Service


i have a request from a customer. basically, they want the ability to issue users (Students) a card or code with a dollar value say 30 dollars, which they can then use. once the money is up the call is disconnected. this will be on a CCM 6.X system. im assuming it would work like this

1. Unique code is issued by software

2. this software is integrated into the CCM somehow

3. the user pickups the phone and dials

4. code is prompted (from software)

5. call proceeds

6. software monitors duration and decrements value accordingly

any pointers in the right direction of any urls would be highly appreciated

thanks in advance

PS this is for a school environment as you might have realized


Re: Pre-Paid Phone Service

Check Equitrac software


Re: Pre-Paid Phone Service

seems interesting but im not sure this might fit. basically, what they are looking for is like a pre-paid cellular phone but just on thier cisco ipt network.

the idea behind it is that instead of not allowing studnets to use the phones, they can have it and make a little money back on their investment. so students will go to the cafeteria, and buy a code to use the phones which is on a time limit.

its a first for me to be honest so im not too sure where to start looking other than googling for the entire night :)

New Member

Re: Pre-Paid Phone Service


I am also looking for similar solution. I am not looking for pre-paid card but a coin telephone.

Students insert coins and make phone calls.

I found has TB1000 which is a coin telephone.

Still not sure how the whole integration works. Check if it helpful to you.

If you come across something let me know



Re: Pre-Paid Phone Service


thanks for the pointer there. will defintely check this out and see if it can work. ill post as soon as i have something that will fit the customer request.

thanks appreciate it

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