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Prefix 9 problem!!


I have an issue with a newly configured CME.I am using a 3 digit extention in my work place .The extention number starts with 9(eg:9..). The problem is that my prefix is also 9. With my current dial-patterns I am unable to call the internal extentions.Can any one help me to sort out this issue. I would prefer to sort out this issue with out changing the prefix "9" if possible.

Kindly advice!!!


Re: Prefix 9 problem!!

Unless you want to wait 10-15 seconds for every time you dial an extension, it is highly suggested to either not have any internal numbers beginning with the number 9, or change your access code.

Maybe you could prefix a number to all the internal '9' extensions?

But to fix the problem and wait for the interdigit timer, you go back onto all of your dial peers that have a destination pattern that have a 9 in them, and add a T to the end. Then on all of your CME extensions, you type 'number 9XXT', where the X is the rest of the extension.

This is bad dial-plan design, however.


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