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Presence install issue

Im trying to install a new Presence server after my old Presence server died on me.  I am currently in the install phase, and I get this error message:


"This node is not a CUCM trusted-peer"

Possible causes are:

1. This node is unknown to the CUCM server, or

2.  The server is not the correct CUCM primary.

If (1), make correction at primary before proceeding

If (2), the next screen will allow recover.


I have done the following so far:

1.  Verified that I am using the correct CUCM name and IP address for the primary server

2.  Tried using the secondary server name and IP just as something to try

3.  Ran a "Utils service stop A Cisco DB" on the publiser, and then stared the service back again.  Checked in System Reports and Rhosts and Hosts looks good.  At first it didnt, but now, after this process, it does.

4.  I completely started over again through the install.  Still same issue.

I put these servers in a while back, so I know the IP addresses, hostnames, and passwords are correct.  Anyone have any idea on what I should do in this case?


Re: Presence install issue


What's your version of CUPS ?

Normally this means that callmanager does not have the CUP server hostname in its list of trusted servers

If you go to System ---> Application server

Do you see the CUP server there ? There should be an entry with the CUP hostname (exactly as you type it during the CUP install)




Re: Presence install issue

Well, it depends on what version of CUPS you're installing.

On later versions (7.x), you don't have to explictly configure the CUP server name on CUCM.

All you need is the secret password of the CUCM cluster.  CUP server name was added to CUCM via AXL.

You may look at the Cluster Manager logs from CUCM publisher.  Usually, this error was caused by hostname or IP address change (if you were sure the secret password was correct).


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