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Presence questions

Hi all. Im looking at Presence again, and trying to just figure out a few things. Yes, Im very new to Presence, so Im trying to figure out what is best for the customer at this point. So, my questions are the following:

1. What benefits does it give the customer if Presence is integrated with Microsoft solutions?

2. Do they loose alot of functionality if you integrate Presense with only CUCM and Unity?

3. Is Personal Communicator the only product you can use, or is it the recommended product to use?

I appreciate any response. Thanks.


Re: Presence questions

question #1 Customer can communicate between MOC and Presence.

MOC client can do Remote Call Control to the Cisco IP Phone. So if someone calls their IP phone, MOC can click to answer it, etc. Presence of on/off hook is sent to the OCS server. MOC clients will see if Presence subscribers are in meetings, on the phone, away, etc.

Question #2 When you have the Presence client, you can use with Unity, Exchange, MeetingPlace and of course CUCM. Unity, you get VM indicators, click to call Unity, etc. CUCM, you can turn CUPC (client) into a SIP endpoint and phone. (dialpad, softphone) You will never loose anything, just gain.

Question #3, you can only use CUPC with CUPS (Client with Server) Just OCS, you can only use MOC with it. You can however, federate between other IM clients if they allow it. Unfortuantly, MOC and Presence only allow communications between the SIP trunk of Presence. Hopefully the blood of the IM war will mend out and the two will federate shortly.

Is personal communicator the best to use? It all depends on the BUSINESS DRIVERS... You must define your business drivers in the case of IM. If you do not, you are merely using Presence of OCS as a "toy".

- What will be it used for

- How it will be used?

- Who will use it?

- What are the policies and procedures regarding IM, etc. (logging, security, through the firewall, integration to the phone, support for the product, etc)

I think Presence does some very cool things in relation to the rest of the UC products Cisco offers. Does it have it's pitfalls, of course. Logging is one thing. No logging of IM communications with other CUPC clients. Could be a legal issue??? (Think business drivers)

OCS on the other hand does IM great, but it's back end is more complicated (or so it seems) with Mediation servers, designated SIP gateways per server and server this and server that.

Bottom line, once your business drivers are defined and documented, you will be lead to the correct product. (with of course sales people in the way!)


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Re: Presence questions

Great info and thanks. Im not real sure what OCS is (sorry). Trying to look it up, but not seeing anything. Yeah, not seeing it. Could you elaborate?

Re: Presence questions

Microsoft Office Communicator Server

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Re: Presence questions

Thanks for the help. I appreciate.

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