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PRI and what should be seen

Hi all. I am having issues with the Telco in trying to get a PRI up and passing digits both out and in. I have an SRST gateway, that calls come in and forward over an MPLS network to the CUCM 6.1 box. This is the second remote site to come up, and its configured the same as the first, which works without any issue.

When I do a show isdn status, I get "active" at layer 1 and at layer two I get something like "frame_established". When I do a sho int s0/0/0:23, it shows up and up for that channel, and down for all others (0-22). Telco tells me that they show just the opposite, in that 23 is down down for them, and all others are up and up. Is that what the telco should be seeing???? I would think that they should see just the opposite. Cisc TAC tells me everything is configured correctly on my side, and its the telco. Does anyone know what the telco should be seeing on their side?


Re: PRI and what should be seen

To help us better understand the situation, firstly can you advise whether you are using MGCP or H.323?

I assume that the gateway is configured with SRST fallback, which only occurs in the event that the MPLS is down, hence no calls will be forwarded over the MPLS.

This issue is not when the gateway is using SRST fallback? as I would not expect calls to be routed across the MPLS in this situation.

Can you post the output of the following command and your configuration:-

'show isdn service'

'show voice port summ'

What do you seen when attempt to dial DID when you have enable 'debug isdn q931'? Do you see the call hit the gateway?

Have you tried initially shutting down the controller and then a 'no shut' to force a re-negotiation with the telco?


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Re: PRI and what should be seen

Issue has been resolved. I got on a call with the Telecom and they looped their side up in doing some testing. When they unlooped it, everything worked fine after that. Not sure what the real issue was, but apparently looping it and unlooping it seemed to fix it. Odd.

Re: PRI and what should be seen

Good to hear that you were able to resolve it. All the best.


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