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PRI Configuration (for India)

Any Idea how to configure pri voice service, I try some configurations but does not work.

And idea on how inbound and outbound dial peers should be configured, Im integrating this with CCM 6.x

interface Serial0/1/0:15

no ip address

isdn switch-type primary-net5

isdn incoming-voice modem 64

isdn bchan-number-order ascending

no cdp enable

voice-port 0/1/0:15

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 9T


port 0/1/0:15


Re: PRI Configuration (for India)

lets say ur CCM ip

and ur extentions between 1000 to 1999

so for calls to CCM voip dial-peer

dial-peer voice 2 voip

destination-pattren 1...

session target:ipv4

for calls going to pstn

dial-peer voice 3 pots

destination-patren 9T

port 0/1/0:15

in this case ur useres should dial 9 then the pstn number and dont dicard the 9 on CCM this based on my above dialepeer 3

or u can dicard the ( in the CCM)

do it like

dial-peer voice 3 pots

destination-patren .T

port 0/1/0:15

forwar-digit all

if u want more info just post it here

please, if helpful rate

Re: PRI Configuration (for India)

ok, my dial-peer are just like that, but so if this is good in configuration the mistake is in the PRI configuracion, do you know how to configure PRI services?

Re: PRI Configuration (for India)

the fowlling things should be don regarding ur hardware moduls

so if u use wic or vwic or if its onboard or in solt one will deffer

router# clear interface s0/0/0:15


network-clock-participate wic 0


isdn switch-type primary-net5


interface Serial0/0/0:15

isdn switch-type primary-net5

isdn overlap-receiving

isdn incoming-voice voice

controller T1 1/0

framing esf

clock source internal

linecode b8zs

cablelength short 133

pri-group timeslots 1-24

where the :

pri-group timeslots timeslot-range [nfas_d {backup | none

| primary {nfas_int number |

nfas_group number | rlm-group number}} | service]

the follwoing link will be very helful for u

and this link to have a knowledge about hardware config

good luck

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Re: PRI Configuration (for India)

Yes, I haved also reviwed that, I attach my config is like document explain, whe i try do make a call says in the ip phone something like "the number dialed cannot allow to complete the call"

Is ccm 6.x

Re: PRI Configuration (for India)

first of all

u need to check how many digits u r forwarding

and how many digit u recieve from the gatway

u made the pots dial peer as DID

that mean the whole number will be recieved from the pstn

so is range of pstn number will be wthin

destination-pattern 605.. this one

if not

u have to either forward the full number to the CCM

and in the gateway page in CCM chose the number of digits u wanna use for internal phon

in the significant digits option

or make a translation profile on the gateway that send only 4 digits to ur CCM

so just check ur numbering paln and config

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