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PRI Failover

I have 2 MGCP gateways and each have 1 PRI. These PRIs are under same Route Group. If my primary PRI fails then calls are not routed off of 2nd PRI, but calls routed off of next Route Group which is my backup location.

Following Service Parameters are set to "False"

Stop Routing on Out of Bandwidth Flag Required Field         
Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag Required Field         
Stop Routing on User Busy Flag Required Field

Is this the default behavior of Route Group or am I missing any configuration?



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No, this is not normal. I

No, this is not normal. I will suggest you start by looking at what the gateway is sending to cucm. The gateway should be sending a user busy flag...

debug isdn q931

Once we establish that we can then move on to looking at cucm traces and see why cucm is not picking the next endpoint..

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