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PRI Utilization

I have a total of three PRIs connected to my Voice Gateways.  Two of them are listed as MGCP and one is H.323.  As we aren't doing any video that I am aware of, I question the need for this PRI.  Are there any handy commands that show the utilization of a PRI?  Is there any other reason to need a H.323 PRI?


For MGCP PRI's you will need

For MGCP PRI's you will need to pull PRI utilization from RTMT. For H323 PRIs, you could issue "show isdn status" to see the number of active Layer 3 calls.As far as a reason for 1 to be H323 and the other to be MGCP, will be difficult to comment without knowing your network.

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Best I can tell is the H.323

Best I can tell is the H.323 was ordered at a later time that the MGCP.  Long term, I want to convert it all to SIP.  I guess I have to track the active layer 3 calls via Cacti or something.  Not sure how to get the MGCP data just yet.  Any decent MIBs for this stuff?

You can use the Gateway

You can use the Gateway Utilization Report that are generated under "CDR Analysis and Reporting" for PRI utilization.


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