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Privacy setting issues - 6.0

I have a CUCM which we wish to use Privacy in that the service parms are set to True but on the user level it will be set to off on some handsets- we are voice recording. In our lab it works -same S/W but in production the user set up does not keep - you save it as false but when you view it again it goes back to default. Also if you configure it on one server in the service parms NOT enterprise which to me seems to indicate that it is per server if not why not put it under the enterprise -any way if you change it on server it changes it on all - has anyone else seen this before- thanks


Re: Privacy setting issues - 6.0

From Cisco CallManager 4.x and later, the default privacy setting has changed. The default is set to On, which means you cannot barge into an existing call on share line if it is in use by another device. If you hit the shared line button, it gives you a dial tone to dial another number. With the privacy setting on, the LED light is not turned on. If you want the LED light to indicate the shared line is in use, you must change the privacy setting on the IP phone device of the shared lines to Off. This activates the light when the phone is in use, and any user with the shared line extension can barge into the call.

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