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Private Line configuration


have a small question. here is the scenario

an H323 gateway configured and linked to ccm5.0. we have 2 T1(CAS) lines. one is reserved for private lines. how do i reserve those private lines for the users so they and only they can use them. incoming calling is no problem via a plar but out going calls are being selected at random. its an upgrade to a ccme system they had which i previously configured using COR.

now if i convert the gaetway to MGCP i can use the CSS to get it working but wanted to know how i would be able to do it via h323.

i did create a new partition and CSS for each private line then associate only that route partition in the dial-pattern on CCM. i then added a prefix 94 to be inserted. then created a dial-peer with the prefix and then forward only the required digits. im reaching the dial-peer every time which is what i desire but the call cannot be completed. reaching my local pstn recording service from the carrier. did a debug voice ccapi inout, saw it matching the dial-peer and forwarding the number but still not completing. im thinking i cannot add the prefix but it looked like that would have worked.

any comments would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Private Line configuration

if i understand you correctly private line is similar to Automatic Ring down circuits? In that case you will have to take the private line t1 and split into 24 individual ds0 groups. This will create 24 voice ports. Next in the dial-peer you match the destination patter to the voice-port.

Also in the CM you will need to use translation pattern for each CSS which translates into a number (say 112233). Next create a route pattern for 112233 and point it to the h323 gateway. When the call hits the h323 gateway it will match the dial-peer and connect the call on that voice-port.


Re: Private Line configuration

got yah up to the splitting of the ports.

so i have already split each port and identified each private line.

so i have a private line connected to 0/2/1:5.

i have a dial-peer

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern .T

port 0/2/1:5

forward-digits all

how do i use the translation pattern for this?

i know newbie :)


Re: Private Line configuration

so the question still remains,

how can i reserve a T1 port for a user to have as a private line, incoming and OUTGOING.

with MGCP i cant configure CSS on the indidual ports as i thought. so how can i identify a user extension to use that specifc port and no others?


Re: Private Line configuration

got it,

created translation rules with specific prefixes for each pots and that worked.

translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^9/ /19/ , the 9 is to access the pstn and the 19 is the prefix that is put in. then created a pots

dial-peer voice 1 pots

desc Private Line User1

destination-pattern 19T

port 0/2/0:1

then in the pattern config created new routing partition for the user and attached a prefix

(19) for outgoing calls.

that worked. also create translation-profiles (incoming) with answer addresses associated to the user private extension.

everything is working as it should now.

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