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Private number shown on the calls from pstn


I have set up a auto attendant through unity for a customer.The setup is i have configured 3 call handler.i.e The main call handler which plays welcome promt.Then says if tu u know the desired extension dial 1 or wait for the operators extension.The restiction table is also updated for the ext no in the ccm and forwarded call top route the calls to the perticular extension say 5399.There is also a translation pattern to convert the pilot no from, isp to 5399.

Problem--Calls are getting connected to the phones after dialing the phone number.But the caller id shows private number.

But if i dial 5399 from ip phone and dial the extension it diaplays my number correctly.If i change the trans pattern fom pilot number to operator directly rather than going through auto attendant and the operator does a transfer it shows me the proper number of caller id from the pstn.I believe something needs to be done on unity to see the numbers but not able to figure that out.Thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Private number shown on the calls from pstn

Just to update message above the number is not seen even after it is directed to the operator now.I had added the command dtmf-relay alphanumeric.As the unity could recognize the 1 dialled.Is there a possibility that by adding the command dtmf-relay alphanumeric on the dial peer the calling party number seen on the phone is blocked.

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