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Problem change language 7911 phone

I have to change the locale languages on my phone (7911,7945) with cme 4.1.

There isn't any problem with 7945 phone, but I'm not able to change the languages on 7911 phone.

This is my configuration:

tftp-server flash:apps11.8-2-2ES1.sbn

tftp-server flash:cnu11.8-2-2ES1.sbn

tftp-server flash:cvm11sccp.8-2-2ES1.sbn

tftp-server flash:dsp11.8-2-2ES1.sbn

tftp-server flash:jar11sccp.8-2-2ES1.sbn

tftp-server flash:SCCP11.8-2-2SR1S.loads

tftp-server flash:term06.default.loads

tftp-server flash:term11.default.loads

tftp-server flash:apps45.8-3-1-22.sbn

tftp-server flash:cnu45.8-3-1-22.sbn

tftp-server flash:cvm45sccp.8-3-1-22.sbn

tftp-server flash:dsp45.8-3-1-22.sbn

tftp-server flash:jar45sccp.8-3-1-22.sbn

tftp-server flash:SCCP45.8-3-2S.loads

tftp-server flash:term45.default.loads

tftp-server flash:term65.default.loads


tftp-server flash:/it-be-sccp.jar alias Italian_Italy/be-sccp.jar

tftp-server flash:/it-tc-sccp.jar alias Italian_Italy/tc-sccp.jar

tftp-server flash:/it-ipc-sccp.jar alias Italian_Italy/ipc-sccp.jar

tftp-server flash:/g3-tones.xml alias Italy/g3-tones.xml



no auto-reg-ephone

load 7945 SCCP45.8-3-2S

load 7911 SCCP11.8-2-2SR1S

max-ephones 58

max-dn 116

ip source-address port 2000

timeouts interdigit 3

user-locale IT

network-locale IT

time-zone 23

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

max-conferences 4 gain -6

call-forward pattern .T

call-forward pattern 0T




transfer-system full-consult dss

transfer-pattern 0T

secondary-dialtone 0

create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00


ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 122

pickup-group 1

label Sb

name Sb

huntstop channel



ephone-dn 2 dual-line

number 123

pickup-group 1

label Sa

name Sa

huntstop channel


ephone 1

mac-address 0024.97A8.E4A6

ephone-template 1

type 7911

button 1:1


ephone 2

mac-address 0024.97A8.E0EB

ephone-template 1

type 7945

button 1:2



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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

.jar file may be corrupt ?

Also try upgrading FW, like 8.3.x

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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

Try a factory reset on the 7911, if still problems do "debug tftp events" to see if the commands are configured right and the phone actually requests the language file.

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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

I've tried to do a factory reset, but the result is the same.

I've attached the syslog message on the phone and this is the debug tftp event:

000153: Jul 2 10:19:55.926 CEST: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEP002497A8E0EB.tlv

000154: Jul 2 10:19:55.982 CEST: TFTP: Looking for SEP002497A8E0EB.cnf.xml

000155: Jul 2 10:19:55.986 CEST: TFTP: Opened flash:/its/SEP002497A8E0EB.cnf.xml, fd 7, size 1273 for process 3

000156: Jul 2 10:19:56.006 CEST: TFTP: Finished flash:/its/SEP002497A8E0EB.cnf.xml, time 00:00:00 for process 3

000157: Jul 2 10:19:56.654 CEST: TFTP: Looking for Italian_Italy/tc-sccp.jar

000158: Jul 2 10:19:56.658 CEST: TFTP: Opened flash:tc-sccp.jar, fd 7, size 71446 for process 3

000159: Jul 2 10:19:56.842 CEST: TFTP: Finished flash:tc-sccp.jar, time 00:00:00 for process 3

000160: Jul 2 10:19:58.962 CEST: TFTP: Looking for Italy/g3-tones.xml

000161: Jul 2 10:19:58.966 CEST: TFTP: Opened flash:g3-tones.xml, fd 7, size 1339 for process 3

000162: Jul 2 10:19:58.970 CEST: TFTP: Finished flash:g3-tones.xml, time 00:00:00 for process 3

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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

.jar file may be corrupt ?

Also try upgrading FW, like 8.3.x

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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

Ok,now is all ok.


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Re: Problem change language 7911 phone

You're welcome, please remember to rate useful posts.

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