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Problem in outgoing calls


i have call manager that is connected to PBX via BRI of 2811 gateway, the problem is when some calls between Cisco IP phone and the phone that is behind PBX does not pass, and it dipslays an error message.In attachment you will find trace of the debug isdn q931.


Re: Problem in outgoing calls

isdn map address .* plan isdn type unknown You can use plan as unknown or international.Actually telco should tell you what the plan type should beOther options available for the plan and type are:

router(config-if)#isdn map address .* ?

plan Set address numbering plan

router(config-if)#isdn map address .* plan ?

data Data plan

isdn ISDN plan

national National plan

privacy Private plan

reserved Reserved extension

reserved/10 Reserved value 10

reserved/11 Reserved value 11

reserved/12 Reserved value 12

reserved/13 Reserved value 13

reserved/14 Reserved value 14

reserved/2 Reserved

reserved/5 Reserved value 5

reserved/6 Reserved value 6

reserved/7 Reserved value 7

telex TELEX plan

unknown Unknown plan

router(config-if)#isdn map address .* plan isdn ?

type Set address number type

router(config-if)#isdn map address .* plan isdn type ?

abbreviated Abbreviated type

international International type

national National type

network Network type

reserved Reserved type

reserved/5 Reserved value 5

subscriber Subscriber type

unknown Unknown type

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