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Problem to complete call after change VoIP to ToIP

Hi Guys,

My Customer have a gatekeeper where the same forwad the call in your network voip and work without problem. In this moment They is implementing PABX IP in remote site and in the future all sites working PABX IP, connect in fastethernet the Gateway Cisco and disabled the FXS, FXO. We receive the information that the sites that work fxs not is possible complete the for sites that already PABX IP, but, this sites are the same FXS. We answered that the problem occur because the call still working by voip and pots and not by fastethernet where they need received the call because the PABX IP is connected in switch that is connect in the Cisco router. The PABX IP is responsible by forward the call. In this moment the calls for remote sites are send by PABX IP for E1 of Matriz that received this call by E1 e another by ethernet to connect the 02 services. As the Customer have the gatekeeper was configured a one tech-prefix 030 referent about a one remote site and disable the register of gatekeeper. In this scenario the call for destination 030 are routed for remote site 030 now are routed for Matriz that convert the call for IP and connect the remote site by IP. After this configuration the remote site worked. The problem is that have the 500 remotes sites and we have configuring 500 tech-prefix? Are there another way for solve this problem? Are there another way to route the voice traffic not authenticated of gatekeeper to another equipment? We did the following configuration:

interface FastEthernet0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
h323–gateway voip interface
h323–gateway voip id RALgk1 ipaddr 1718
h323–gateway voip h323–id
h323–gateway voip tech–prefix 909

h323–gateway voip tech–prefix 030

Thank You,


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