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Problem to transfer calls received from analog phones to IP Phone (7960/7940...)



I have one Cisco 2911 configured as Internet Router and CME.

Some IP telephones working in SCCP mode working greate, and two analog phones.

I can't sucessfull transfer calls that analog phones receives to IP Phones.

Soon as I receive the call in analog phone, when I press FLASH button:
  I got the tone to dial
  I can sucessfull dial to other internal extension (other analog or IP phone)
  The internal call establishes successfully, but when I hang up or press FLASH again it just disconnect with destination phone.
  The external call is no more connected to any extension at this point, but the line still connected (mute).


ROUTER#sh conf | sec stcapp
stcapp ccm-group 1
stcapp feature access-code
prefix *#
call forward all 2
call forward cancel 9
pickup group 1
stcapp supplementary-services
port 0/2/0
  fallback-dn 1050
port 0/2/1
  fallback-dn 1040
stcapp call-control mode feature
transfer *#3
service stcapp
service stcapp

ROUTER#sh stcapp device summary
Total Devices:           2
Total Calls in Progress: 1
Total Call Legs in Use:  0

Port       Device          Device   Call          Dev     Directory   Dev
Identifier Name            State    State         Type    Number      Cntl
---------- --------------- -------- ------------- ------- ----------- ----
0/2/0      ANE4AA7533D0100 IS       IDLE          ALG     1050        CME
0/2/1      ANE4AA7533D0101 IS       IDLE          ALG     1040        CME

New Member

Re: Problem to transfer calls received from analog phones to IP

Can you check the max calls under the directory number configuration and make sure it is more than 1

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