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New Member

Problem transfering PSTN Calls

hi Guys,

i have just deployed CCM ver 6.0 (Pub & Sub)integrated with unity express ver 4.x. Everything works fine hours at startup, could place inbound & outbound calls, call transfer, voice mail etc. however after some hrs (not constant) user start having problem transfering PSTN calls and to resolve this problem, publisher has to be rebooted, problem will reoccur after some hrs or day.

i will appreciate your speedy assistance.


Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

Do anyone of the following:

Try to reboot the Subscriber.

Change service parameter "Sync Call Forward Database After LinkOOS" to 'FALSE'.

New Member

Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

Hi Irisrios,

thanks, however the problem is still unresolved.

Can anyone help?


Cisco Employee

Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

Hi Bola,

Lets see if we can get more information regarding the setup here. Perhaps then something will jump out.

- What type of gateway is involved? MGCP or H.323? What type of interface in the gateway handles PSTN calls? Digital or analog?

- Which version of IOS is running on the gateway?

- Where are the calls that fail being transferred to? To other internal numbers, to voicemail or to other PSTN numbers?

- What exactly happens when the transfers fail?



New Member

Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

hi Mowuor,

The gateway type is H.323 with digital connection to PSTN E1 PRI.

IOS is SP SERVICES version 12.4

A brief description of the problem again, the servers are up 24x7.

When the pilot number (digital PSTN) with is mapped to unity express AA. Unity AA picks the call and the recorded mgs is played, …….WELCOME TO ABC COMPANY .....TO ENTER THE NUMBER OF THE PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH, PLS PRESS 1 ……….............PRESS 2…….OTHERWISE PRESS 0 FOR OPERATOR. If 1 is pressed.......... DIAL THE EXTERSION OF THE PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO CALL, after dial, unity response....CALLING 1707.... At this point, when caller is expected to hear the ringing tone (that is the call processing server to transfer the call to the extension ) unity plays back with a mgs for any number pressed 1 or 0..... THE PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS CURRENTLY OUT OF SERVICE.........

On the internal users desk, when a user is on an outbound calls and the user wants to transfer to co-worker, the transfer button fails to respond, thereby call cannot be transferred.

However, if either the publisher or subscriber is power cycle the problem clutch for some time, hours or days(max of two days).

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

New Member

Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

Hi Mowuor,

no help yet!! please assist.


Cisco Employee

Re: Problem transfering PSTN Calls

Hi Bola,

Not sure if your issues have been resolved yet. I apologize for my tardy response. I've on other projects for a few weeks now and have not had opportunity to contribute here as often as I would like. In case the issues are still outstanding, consider the following:

- It appears there are two separate issues.

1. Calls in CUE cannot be transferred to IP phones.

2. IP phone users connected to external callers unable to transfer to other IP phones.

- Please check class of service configuration.

1. Does the CSS configured on the CTI Route Point and CTI Ports associated with the CUE have visibility to the partitions that the destination phones are in? The following document which applies, but for the versions, states this regarding the CSS of the CTI Ports:

"The calling search space should allow the system to transfer to any desired number. Cisco Unity Express places no restrictions on the numbers that can be called. This can be unexpected when a dial-by-extension call is placed from within an AA. Therefore, it is important to apply any call restrictions through this calling search space."

2. Does the Gateway's CSS have visibility to the partitions that the CTI Route Point, CTI Ports associated with the CUE?

If after verifying the above information you still have issues, please capture the output of CCM SDL traces collected while recreating the problem (and also note the time or recreate and extensions involved), and post here.

Hope this help.



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