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Problem With 7911g, Help?

Hi there, I've got a Cisco IP PHONE 7911g, I haven't used it for a while. I wanted to use it again (for my lab), I decided connected it by using the Power Adapter. Just when I connected to the All the lights come up, But nothing on the screen. It Just restarts itself every 3 minutes.


The hightlighted box is the IP phones IP Address, the strange this is that I can ping it, but when I put the address in a browser, I get a connection timed out message

Someone please explain what is wrong with it? I've also tried the 3491672850# while pressing the # button, Nothing happens.

I'm running CUCM 8.6 as VM.

New Member

Re: Problem With 7911g, Help?

We had a problem with 7902 phones doing the same thing. They phone had a very old version of firmware and CUCM 8 would not upgrade it.

We installed an ancient version of call manager (3 or 4) which allowed the phone to upgrade its firmware - then when it was plugged into CUCM 8, it was able to upgrade and started to work.

This also happens with 7960 phones or ATAs that have versions of firmware too old for CUCM 8 to upgrade. I am guessing that you need to get the intermediate firmware into the phone before it will talk with CUCM 8 and load the latest firmware.


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