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Problem with BAT for importing Users and UDP

Hi all,

I'm running CUCM6.1.3 and need to import UDP's and users. We also have a CUC!

When importing Users and UDP's I want to set the 'Primary extension' field for a user but BAT fails to do so. I' did specify the value in my BAT-user file... I really need this 'primary extension' field because it's needed to import users in CUC. Will attach the user-file. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Re: Problem with BAT for importing Users and UDP

BAT can be used to update telephone number for users, only if existing value of telephone number is blank. It cannot be used to replace a non-blank telephone number.

Primary extension for the user would always be updated with the value from the CSV file. This information is contained on the user profile on the DC Directory and does not modify the extension of any devices controlled by the user. By design BAT will not make changes to the actual devices when updating users.


Re: Problem with BAT for importing Users and UDP

To update the Primary Extension for a User in BAT enter it as          XXXX in PTN-whatever

Replace PTN-whatever with the partition that the extension is, but the

the space before the 'in' and after the 'in' IS required for this update to work!

Then it will be update on the User on CM after running the BAT Update Users.

I am having issues getting the  IPCC Extension to be updated for the User with BAT.

It does not follow the same syntax I described above which works for the primary extension. BAT burbs.

BAT Update Users just ignores the IPCC Extension value(?).


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