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problem with calls between 2 routers

I want to configure a call which will ring on a phone through a PSTN line situated on the router of the branch office. The call is initiated from the head quarter.But it does not work. When the call is initiated, when I look the voice call status I see nothing. It seems as there is no dial peer. Can someone help ?

This the configuration of the dial-peer on the router of the head quarter:

dial-peer voice 200 voip

destination-pattern 899201282

voice-class codec 1

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

On the Branch office this is the dial-peer which is configured:

dial-peer voice 899201282 pots

destination-pattern 899201282

port 1/0/12

forward-digits 8

Thanks in advance !

New Member

Re: problem with calls between 2 routers

implementation ipt,

The dial peer at headquarters will be a pots dial peer if I am understanding your situation correctly. You want a station (phone) off of the router to go through PSTN to hit a phone at the branch.

I would "debug dialpeer" on your gateway and see if a dial peer matches with your outbound call to see if anything is matching. Let me know.


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