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Problem with CDR


I have a query regarding CDR,

I just wants to know that whether the CDR contained the failed call details or not and will it contain the wrong FAC code that is entered.

As at one customer location i am facing a problem that the customer's call billing softaware which is telesoft is giving an error that "<auth_code>  is not in the authorization list ".

I checked that the auth code is not configured in the FAC of the CUCM means it not a valid one but i am getting in the call billing software . Is invalid auth code present in the CDR that the CUCM sends to the call billing software.



Re: Problem with CDR

For the old times in 3.3 I remember the behavior that was decided to implement is to generate a record and in CDR record display invalid FAC/CMC code

There is a value which you can modify:

Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General)

Display FAC in CDR—This  parameter determines whether the Forced Authorization Code (FAC) that is  associated with the call displays in the CDR. Valid values specify True  (display authorization code in CDRs) or False (do not display  authorization code in CDRs) for this required field. The default value  specifies False.


Re: Problem with CDR

As gogasca says (+5 to gogasca) you can use a CM service parameter to force CUCM to save FAC codes entered by users.  The other part of your question is around failed calls.  By default, the CUCM does NOT store failed calls in the CDR record.  So, this implies that even if you enable the parameter to allow writing of the FAC to the CDR, it would only store calls that were successfully authorized and connected.

To get failed calls, you have enable another CM service parameter: CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag

This parameter enables or disables the logging of call detail records  (CDRs) for calls that never connected or that lasted less than 1 second.  Cisco CallManager logs unsuccessful calls (calls that result in  reorder, such as might occur due to a forwarding directive failure or  calls that attempt to go through a busy trunk) regardless of this flag  setting.



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