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Problem with Cisco Messaging Interface

I upgrade my cluster (just 2 servers) to 6.1(2) but my "Cisco Messaging Interface" which is started on primary/subscriber server is down. I tried to start them but nothing:

At syslog/messages:

Jul 22 17:08:26 local7 6 84: Jul 22 14:08:26.180 UTC : %CCM_SERVICEMANAGER-GENERIC-6-ServiceStarted: Service started. Service Name:Cisco Messaging Interface Process ID:17006 App ID:Cisco Service Manager Cluster ID: Node ID:cm-1

Jul 22 17:08:27 cm-1 local7 6 cmi: DBL SDI Initialization successful

Jul 22 17:08:27 cm-1 local7 6 cmi: SysLevel [127] UserMask [1] Enable [TRUE] File [/var/log/active/cm/trace/dbl/sdi/dbl.log]

Jul 22 17:08:27 cm-1 local7 6 Cisco Messaging Interface: SDIDBConfigData::Read successful. ServiceID=2, NodeName=cm-1

Jul 22 17:08:28 cm-1 local1 3 : Unable to resolve the Syslog Server Name

Jul 22 17:08:29 local7 6 85: Jul 22 14:08:29.209 UTC : %CCM_SERVICEMANAGER-GENERIC-6-ServiceStopped: Service stopped. Service Name:Cisco Messaging Interface App ID:Cisco Service Manager Cluster ID: Node ID:cm-1

...after several attempts they finished with "Service exceeded maximum allowed restarts."

What is wrong here?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Problem with Cisco Messaging Interface

Hi Andrew,

This interface is only used in CCM to Legacy VM integrations (via SMDI) if you are not setup that way (which I don't think you are, using the "older SMDI integration) this is why you are seeing this behaviour :)

Cisco Messaging Interface Service

The Cisco Messaging Interface allows you to connect a simplified message desk interface (SMDI)-compliant external **Third Party** voice-mail system with the Cisco CallManager. The CMI service provides the communication between the voice-mail system and Cisco CallManager. The SMDI defines a way for a phone system to provide a voice-mail system with the information needed to intelligently process incoming calls.

Genrally the Cisco Messaging Interface (CMI) is a Cisco CallManager service that should be run only on the publisher server. This service intercepts calls destined for voicemail and generates appropriate SMDI messages, which are then delivered to one of the server's Component Object Model (COM) ports.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Problem with Cisco Messaging Interface

Thanks Rob,

Cisco Messaging Interface -> Deactivating



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