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Problem with CUE ISM module

Hello community!

I´m having the following problem. I´m installing CUE with CME 8.0/IOS 15.1(1)/2901 ISR2, and I´ve already installed CUE 8.6 software on the module. I also did run the initialization wizard using the CUE web interface. In the CME, I´ve configured the dial-peers pointing to IVR, Mailbox, and Programing, the MWI configuration. After running the wizard it gives me an error that says "There is no active mailbox license" but I did install the mailbox license (.lic file) from the router CLI. When i do a show license status application from CUE CLI  it says that there is no active license for mailbox or IVR, but a show license details from CME CLI shows feature VMIVR-VM-MBX is active and permanent. The thing is that i did request the license using the PAK and the UDI from the router and i don´t know if I needed to use the serial from the CUE ISM module instead. Any help with this issue will be appreciated. Thanks.

Note: if i try to call to IVR number to test config i get busy tone, i guess that´s because of the license issue.

Please check images attached below.


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Re: Problem with CUE ISM module

Typically the CUE license comes installed, I suggest you email and they can help you get it fixed.

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