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Problem with IVR and incoming calls

Hi everybody!

I have some problems with my IVR and my incoming calls.
First, I will give you some information about my devices and system and then I'll explain the issues.
I have 5 IP Phones, model cisco CP-6941.I have set up an IVR which plays a recording and asks caller press.
For first 5 -15 minuts it working fine, but after some time like 5-15 minutes, I get the following issue outgoing calls work perfectly but issue happens with my incoming calls.
 2.I get either a busy signal or a complete silence.
 3.none of my IP phones ring.
So it seems like reinitializing the previous configuration  makes it work again.
Do you have any idea about what could be my problem? I'm trying to troubleshoot this but I can't find any explanation.

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Cisco Employee

You dont mention what call

You dont mention what call control youre using, you dont mention what you use for IVR, and you dont mention what you use for PSTN calls... There is no way you can get a reply if you dont provide the necessary info.



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Thank you Jaime !!I got the

Thank you Jaime !!

I got the answer.

After reducing IVR sessions as compared to IVR port it is working.


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