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Problem with Jabra Pro 920 + Cisco 7942 (No microphone input)

Ok, I'll start with the longer version of the story. 


After using a Sennheiser wired headset for years, I decide to upgrade to a wireless version. I chose the Sennheiser DW10 model, with the Sennheiser lifter.

You can find the discussion on that here:


After a few frustrating weeks during which I tried everything, including sending the Sennheiser to service, I gave up and send it back to the seller and instead bought a Jabra Pro 920 + GN1000 lifter, hoping it was some sort of compability issue and that it will work with the Jabra.


Well , unfortunately, as soon as it arrived, I was very eager to try out , but the result is the same. It seems that somehow it does not work unless I speak into the phone at close range, the other person cannot hear me at all as soon as I go a few meters away from the desk. Somehow, something in the phone is not picking up the signal from the wireless headset microphone as far as I can tell. 

Obviously, it is now clear that the phone is at fault, but what exactly about it ?


 I would really appreciate some help and maybe some troubleshooting steps to try to fix this.

Thanks in advance!

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I should add the model of the

I should add the model of the lifter is Jabra G1000 

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Hi there, With newer Cisco IP

Hi there,


With newer Cisco IP phone models you don't need to use a "lifter" but rather you leverage the Cisco setting Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control which is available via;


CUCM admin  Device>Phone you set the Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control >Enabled>Save>Apply


You would also need to return the "lifter" and get a special cord to enable this functionality;


Jabra LINk™ 14201-16 EHS Adapter
As shown in this good doc;

Please support CSC helps Kivayes

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Thanks for that. But

Thanks for that. But according to Jabra website as well as some other links, it looks like both the Jabra  EHS Adapter OR the GN1000 Lifter should be compatible ?


Are you saying that it will not work at all with the GN1000 ? Are you absolutely sure about that ? sad

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Also , I was checking this

Also , I was checking this link:


It shows that maybe, possibly, the GN1000 might work on Cisco 7941 models ? I am asking because we do have some of these older models in the office so I could swap them, that would be easier than the hassle of returning the lifter and getting the EHS cable instead.


But also I am worried that the problem is not with the lifter but instead with the Cisco configuration ? I am saying this because the  lifter seems to function fine, it does its job, I dont see how the headset mic sound could be related to the lifter ? But then again, I'm no expert, which is why I am asking you guys laugh

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Hi There, The reason I would

Hi There,


The reason I would go this route is that the "lifter" type set up has always been a finicky thing to work with due to the mechanical nature of the configuration whereas the EHS is 100% rock solid once it's completed smiley


I'm not saying the lifter couldn't be adjusted to function properly but the relationship between the placement and ringer volume etc. etc. is really hard to perfect and can fall out of proper alignment very easily. If it were me I would stick with the 7942 as it's far superior to a 7941 and acquire the cord I suggested. The overall functionality is worth the time & effort.





Please support CSC helps Kiva yes

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Ok, thanks for that.The issue

Ok, thanks for that.

The issue however remains the one in the initial post, i.e. the wireless headset does NOT work as it should, it does not remit any sound as soon as I am 2-3 meters away from the desk. Any ideas on that ?


I tried all positions A-G on the base part as well as I asked our Cisco admin to check the settings and make sure they match those of my other colleagues that use the headsets without issue, on the same 7942 phone but to no avail. 


Thanks again!

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Still no ideas? 

Still no ideas? sad

New Member

I know it's an old post, but

I know it's an old post, but in case this helps anyone currently searching for help on a similar issue:

My guess is that the wireless headset base stations were connected to the Headset jack in the back of the phone, and the handset is plugged into the handset cord.

In this configuration, when the lifter lifts the handset, the handset microphone and speaker are active, and the Cisco 7900 series phones I've worked with also enable the speaker of the headset jack, but not the microphone of the headset, so if anyone can hear you at all, they're hearing your voice through the still-mostly-on-the-cradle handset mic, which will be very soft.

If you use a lifter, the headset is basically controlling the handset jack's switch, so you need to plug the headset base station into the handset jack, and plug the handset into the pass-through port on the base station.

As others on this thread have mentioned, the call control features enabled by a 7942 phone and by enabling "Wireless headset hookswitch control" in CallManager allows the base station to control the headset button, so if you have one of those cables, you'd plug the base station into the headset jack.

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