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Problem with phone services


We have a couple of 7940's and for these set of 7 phones, the "services" button on the phone launches a phonebook related to their company.

Currently, I am attempting to change the phone number of each of the services via CCM but it is not working.

The phone numbers currently shown is the older numbers and I am unable to find the option to modify the related phonebook or to reflect the correct changes.

Is anyone aware of which option in CCM controls the phonebook, which is accessible via the services button on the phone?

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Problem with phone services


I'm guessing that the service you are referring to is the 'Personal Phone Book' rather than anything else. Services are flexible and it may be something very custom. First thing would be to find out what the service is:

Go to the config page for one of the phones in CCMAdmin, and then on the drop-down 'related links' menu on the top right, select 'Subscribe/Unsubscribe' services. Have a look what services are subscribed, and note them down. If there are services listed, go next to Device/Device Settings/Phone Services and find the services the phones are subscribed to - post up their URLs here.

If there are no services subscibed, have a look at the Services URL on the phone configuration page. Post that up here.

With those bits of information we'll hopefully be able to help you further..


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Problem with phone services


The issue is now under "directories > corporate directories" on the phone itself, I am able to verify that the changes I made are right.

But under "services" on the phone, the numbers there are still incorrect. There is a corporate and personal directory services activated in CCM

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