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Problems dialling out from VG248 FXS

I am having problems with Analogue lines dialling out via FXS ports on a VG248

If the user dials an internal 4 digit extn number it connects ok as shown in the capture below

#term mon


*Mar 6 03:17:41.541: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 5

*Mar 6 03:17:41.849: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 4

*Mar 6 03:17:42.229: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 4

*Mar 6 03:17:42.429: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 7

*Mar 6 03:17:42.445: htsp_call_bridged invoked

*Mar 6 03:17:42.445: htsp_process_event: [2/10, FXSLS_CONNECT, E_HTSP_VOICE_CUT



#htsp_call_feature:feature 6

However if they attempt to make a call over the PSTN, going via an ISDN gateway we get the following response and the call fails

*Mar 6 03:18:17.545: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 9

*Mar 6 03:18:20.185: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 0

*Mar 6 03:18:22.477: htsp_digit_ready(2/10): digit = 2

*Mar 6 03:18:24.141: [2/10] c2400_report_sig_state: ABCD = 0x4

*Mar 6 03:18:24.141: port 10 changed state new state = 4

*Mar 6 03:18:24.141: htsp_process_event: [2/10, FXSLS_CONNECT, E_DSP_SIG_0100]f

xsls_offhook_onhook, HF duration Max=1000, HF duration Min=150

*Mar 6 03:18:24.141: htsp_timer - 1000 msec

*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: htsp_process_event: [2/10, FXSLS_CONNECT, E_HTSP_EVENT_TIM


*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: htsp_timer_stop

*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: htsp_timer_stop3

*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: htsp_process_event: [2/10, FXSLS_WAIT_RELEASE_REQ, E_HTSP_


*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: [2/10] c2400_set_sig_state: ABCD=4, timestamp=0, sys_time=


*Mar 6 03:18:25.141: [2/10] c2400_set_sig_state: ABCD=4, timestamp=0, sys

I have searched google and CCO but can find no reference to c2400_report_sig_state: ABCD = 0x4 ec.

Can anyone see what is happening and why ?

this is with MGCP and CCM 4.2.3

I have checked partitions/CSS etc and can see nothing wrong.

Users on IP Phones and VG224 gateways can dial all numbers ok.

Any ideas ?


Re: Problems dialling out from VG248 FXS

This definately sounds like a partition/css issue. I would try making a special route pattern in the partition which is a 9.@ route pattern allowed out your gateway and remove all CSS assigned to the vg248 ports.

If this works, then it's a CSS issue and you can concentrate there.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to make a call from a VG248 out an ISDN link.

You can also look at the trace files on the callmanager.


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