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Problems installing CCM 5.1

After finishing the preinstallation I got the following error message:

Cisco Unified CallManager

Critical Error

The installation has encountered a unrecoverable

internal error. For further assistance report the

following information to your support provider.



install PostInstall

/usr/local/cm/ /usr/local/cm/

/common/log/install/install.log" exited with errors (1)

The system will now halt.

When I reboot the system I have the following error:

"INSTALLATION FAILED - restart installation to recover from failure"

And then, if I reboot the system with the Install DVD or Recovery DVD it stops working (no keyboard input and no video output).

What can I do?



Re: Problems installing CCM 5.1

Sometimes the install does not go through. You are better off just putting in the DVD and start over. Takes another hour or so and it will install.


Re: Problems installing CCM 5.1

Please take a look at this:

It is for 5.0 but may be related.

Please let me know from which version you are upgrading or if this is a brand new install.


Re: Problems installing CCM 5.1

Thanks, but if I boot from dvd the system looks like it doesn?t respond to any input, and the monitor goes off. Is it normal? I simply boot inserting the dvd into the dvd unit, and I press F12 to go into the boot menu to select boot from dvd. Is it the correct procedure to boot from dvd?


Re: Problems installing CCM 5.1

It should autoboot the DVD up to the install screen

New Member

Re: Problems installing CCM 5.1

Yes, the DVD should boot to an install screen. A while back Cisco had sent out a batch of bad media. Just a thought.

It sounds like you are upgrading from some other version to 5.X. Are you using the same ip address on the 5.x server as you are on your other server?

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