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Problems setting up a wireless 7920 phone in my lab

       Hello All,

       I am trying to setup a 7920 wireless VoIP phone in my lab.  My router is 2811CME, switch 3560PoE, wireless WRT300N or WRT160N.  I have the 7920 connected to my laptop, which is attached to the switch.  Dual-vlans are setup for both data and voice.  My laptop (XP) sees the 7920 once it is attached.  I also see the 7920 on my network which shows enabled enet, wireless shutdown on my laptop.

       My issue:  When I try to program the phone, the software states it can not see the phone, err100.  I am using a 2.0 USB cable.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am trying to update my curriculum for my seniors.  The conference phones work great.  Sidecars are working.  Haven't gotten to the voice mail card yet.  I have swapped out cables, laptops, switches and always see the same err100.  Again, any help would be nice as my seniors start after Labor Day.

        I will show the new hands-on skills once I get past this and what I ask my students to do.  The old hands-on skills are on Forum/Cafe.

        7920 firmware 4.0-03-00, software for trying to program, CU_7920, 3-0-2.  Broadcom Advanced Control Suite v.6.1.3 sees the phone.

        USB is Enabled on the phone.

        On trying to login to the phone using CU_7920, 3-0-2 software, it gets to 95% before stating err100.

        Overlooked and sorry about this.  Problem is fixed.  Do not allow your computer to be attached to your network (lab).  I had read what Cisco stated and overlooked not using a TFTP server.  My router is a TFTP server and it states not to be connected.  I read this probably 6x, and finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  Pull the plug from the switch and it works great!

        Easy to setup if you "listen" to what you read!



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