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Problems upgrading 7975g firmware


      I'm trying to upgrade the firmware of a 7975g ip phone with cucm 6.1.2, I already install the firmware in the server i see it in menu Show--->Software of OS Administration:


cmterm-7975-sccp.8-5-3.cop        ---------------> Active


when I reload and it try to upgrade the Firmware the Phone it give arror "auth fail" (see the atached file), also i add the phone in the cucm database, and i have enough DLU for the phone.


Also I Sniffing the network looking for something rare and i saw this.



U ->
  ..-...SCCP75.8-5-3S.loads.#..# This file contains a list of archive image files that will be requested by the..# RELEASE load version
U ->
  ....8-5-3TH1-6..#....jar75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn..cnu75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn..apps75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn..dsp75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn ..cvm75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn ..
U ->
  ....File not found.
CUCM 6.1.2 ---->IP:
IP PHONE 7975g ---->IP:
I verify the file on the server and it seems to be no problem with it,
i don't now what to do now, :(
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Re: Problems upgrading 7975g firmware

You should use the netpro forums for enterprise questions.  Community is for small business.
I did a quick search and found this though.

CSCta69051: Phone FW 8.5.2 enforces max MTU size 1500, causing interop issues

Symptom: In load 8.5.2, we enforce max packet size is 1500, thus, the supplicant only reads up to 1478 byte payloads (22 bytes header). The changes was done as part of EAP-TLS feature. We see that the phone is truncating or blocking packets above it's MTU setting (1500), which is a new behaviour in this load - dev team confirmed that we did not enforce MTU in earlier loads. This is causing a lot of interoperability issues with the PCs behind the phone trying to use EAP-TLS, as there also seems to be an issue with PCs fragmentation of packets with certificate. Conditions: Phone load 8.5.2, PC attached to the back of the phone using EAP-TLS Authentication. Workaround: - If possible, limiting the packets sent by the phone to MTU <1500 - using the older FW version

Looks to be fixed in 8.5.4.  This case cause problems with upgrading.  I would open a TAC case to verify that this is the problem.

Re: Problems upgrading 7975g firmware

Note all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(3) or greater, you must first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2). Once you have upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your IP Phone to version 8.5(3) or later.

I have found an older 7975 giving "Auth Fail" on SCCP75-8-3-2S and wont upgrade.   It makes simple resets total phone outages as it tries every time to load the newer FW.

So I manually configured the TFTP-Server statements, the Telephony-Service Load statement in the IOS CLI and manually TFTPed the intermediate load (8.5(2)) to flash and it upgraded.  Then I was able to use CCA PLM to load the latest phone load in SWP 8.0.3 for UC500 (8.5(3)) and then it can upgrade.

Some detailed steps...

I used solar Winds free TFTP server to TFTP the files to the UC540 flash /phones/7975 directory.

Then this CLI....

no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/apps75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias apps75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cnu75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias cnu75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cvm75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias cvm75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/dsp75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias dsp75.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/jar75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn alias jar75sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/SCCP75.8-5-3S.loads alias SCCP75.8-5-3S.loads
no tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/term75.default.loads alias term75.default.loads

tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/apps75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias apps75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cnu75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias cnu75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/cvm75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias cvm75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/dsp75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias dsp75.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/jar75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn alias jar75sccp.8-5-2TH1-9.sbn
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/SCCP75.8-5-2S.loads alias SCCP75.8-5-2S.loads
tftp-server flash:/phones/7975/term75.default.loads alias term75.default.loads

load 7975 SCCP75.8-5-2S

Then reset the phone.