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Problems with CUMC 7 and CUEAC installation.

Hello guys, I have a ticket that I have been research and fix with very little success. I am just new to CUEAC server so I’m just going to past the ticket for you to take a look at just so I don’t fail to mention crucial information. 

.   Incident:   ‘  Receptionist  reports being unable to make a broadcast announcement to the handsets at branch A location however she is able to make broadcasts to Branch B site. From her perspective everything seems to be working okay and the end users hear the handsets beep but receive no audio’

I thought that maybe the problem was with media resource group but when I checked, I found  that same media resource group was being used by other devices.

  •    Incident: ‘Receptionist reports being unable to transfer calls directly to a users voicemail from the Operator Console. ‘  In this case, I thought about using the old unity connection keyboard combination to send the call to voice maybe but that would be very clumsy. Is there another way I can do this? I have also made sure that CTI ports actually have the full calling search space.    

  •    INCIDENT: Receptionist reports being unable to answer calls on hold from the Operator Console. In her own words "A call comes in and I do a tannoy call out as the person required is not at their desk, my caller is on hold when the person who has been tannoyed calls me back but I am unable to pick up the internal call and so connect the two, big problem!"

Guys I am very new to CUEAC so this is a bit tricky for me. Does anyone have any advice on how I should go about solving this issue or what steps I should take.?


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Problems with CUMC 7 and CUEAC installation.


I am not sure what you mean by broadcast announcement, there is no feature within CUEAC called broadcast announcement.

Perhaps you can just explain the process which is being done by the operator and this will help me determin what is trying to be achieved and then I should be able to help you.

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Re: Problems with CUMC 7 and CUEAC installation.

For the first one you need to go look at whatever paging application you have. SynApps SA-Announce or SingleWire Informacast are the most common. This is not a CUEAC feature.

You need to build this CUCM and configure CUEAC to use it. The most common method is to create *XXXX as a DN which has call forward all to voicemail turned on. That DN needs a voicemail profile which masks/strips it down to XXXX to remove the asterisk. You should be able to call this from a normal user's IP phone and get whatever mailbox greeting you entered. After that you need to go in CUEAC preferences and set this voicemail prefix.

I can't answer the third question without spending some time in the lab to try it.

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Re: Problems with CUMC 7 and CUEAC installation.

Apologies I did not realize you had 3 incidents in there, serves me right for trying to read too quickly

1.) As mentioned by Jonathan this sounds more like a  paging application issue as appossed to an issue with CUEAC, I may be  wrong so as per my original post feel free to post the steps being taken  by the operators, this will help determin the issue.

2.) Jonathon is correct on this one, if you need more details then feel free to send me a message with your email address and I have a document I can forward on for how to set this up.

3.) This is more of a process issue, CUEAC does not have a native call join feature which is what this is, the following is the process I would show the operators in order to achieve this:

  • Answer first call
  • Place call on Park
  • Tannoy required contact
  • Answer call from contact
  • Perform a blind transfer to the Park Extension by typing the number of the park device and double tapping the enter key
  • This will connect the two callers

The alternative to this would be to do the following process

  • Answer first call
  • Place cal on Park
  • Tannoy required contact but advise them what park device the call is on
  • Contact picks up any phone and dials that park device
  • Contact is connected to the caller

In case it helps, there are also some training vidoes avaible to show how to use the Attendant Console, these can be viewed here:

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Re: Problems with CUMC 7 and CUEAC installation.

thanks guys for all the support. I will work with your advice.

cheers guys

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