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Problems with database replication: Publisher vs subscriber ( CCM 6.1.2)

Hi all:

I was changing up the IP of mi CCM 6 cluster (publisher and a subscriber), but i see that doing that don't works wright, i decided to undo the changes that i done.

But now with the same configuration than before the publisher don't detects ok the subscriber.

In the subscriber i watch that the database is replicated but i watch it in my CM group both (publisher and subscriber).

I have the same parameters in my publisher.

But when via CLI in the publisher i perform an "show network cluster" it only appears my publisher and not my subscriber.

But in CLI doing the same instruction i obtain the publisher and ther subscriber.

What can i do?

How can i do to replicate correctly the database publisher in my subscriber.

Also when i execute "utils dbreplication status" in my publisher i obtain this response:

This command reads and writes database information from all machines and will take quite some time...please be patient.


-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Status cannot be performed when replication is down on the publisher, or on a cluster with a single active node; aborting replication status check operation

Output is in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.184115.out


Thanks in advance.

If you need more detail dont hesitate an Please tell me.

VIP Super Bronze

Re: Problems with database replication: Publisher vs subscriber


Can you first of all check that the subscriber is still on your publisher...

Go to CCMadmin>system>server click on find.

Check to see that the subscriber is there and it has the correct ip address

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