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Problems with Paging system

We are running UCM 6.1.2 and using our legacy speakers for paging. The speakers are hooked up to a Bogen TAM B which runs back to an FXS port on our voice gateway. This solution works fine most of the time. However there are instances where when someone dials the paging DN, there is a loud beep before their voice is heard. Also we have an issue sometimes where when someone dials the paging DN we get a busy tone over the speaker system. I've checked the TAM B and the preannounce is set to off. Anyone have any ideas on these two issues?


Re: Problems with Paging system

This sounds like it could be a hardware or wiring issue of some sort. I would suggest trying to change each of the following one at a time and monitor if the trouble reoccurs:

- The FXS port

- The cable between the FXS and TAMB

- The TAMB if necessary.

Also, I would call TAMB support I have found them to be very helpful in the past.

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Re: Problems with Paging system

Thanks for the reply. Bogen suggest I turn off the preannouce tone which was already done. We've had a cable company come in and test the cable and it seems fine so I guess that just leaves the FXS port. I'll try swapping to the other FXS port on the card and see what happens.

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Re: Problems with Paging system

What was the VIC used? VIC2-2FXS/DID, VIC3-2FXS/DID, or was this a VIC2-2FXO configured as loopstart?

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