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Program IP phone

Is there a way to program a waiting room set that as soon as it is picked up it will dial the receptionist or security. The set will not be able to dial anything else. I don't know the term to use for this type of feature.


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The feature is called PLAR (Private Line Automatic Ringdown). It can only be acomplished with CallManager with an analog line into a H.323 gateway or a SIP phone. With a Cisco SCCP IP Phone, you can restrict the phone from dialing anyone but the receptionist or security. You can even translate any dialed digit into the extension for the receptionist or security, but the user must actually dial a digit; the phone will not dial automatically.

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Re: Program IP phone

Thank you for the info. I'll research PLAR.

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Re: Program IP phone

To create an "automatic ringdown", create a separate Calling Search Space for this waiting room phone. Add a translation pattern that has an empty pattern and prefix the number you want to dial. [remember to set the partition and css of the translation pattern correctly]


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Re: Program IP phone

Hi Lyle,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Chris and Steve. +5 points each guys!

The step by step directions in this guide are very good (the principles should carry over nicely) :)

Hotdial on IP Phones with CallManager Configuration Example

Hope this helps!


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