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Protocol Binding RV042 VoIP

I have an RV042, connected to 2 x Different Broadband suppliers.

One  of the Broadband connections is my Voip provider and i wish to Bind all  VoIP protocol over that WAN

So far I have binded:

5060-5070UDP  to WAN1 (VoIP provider)

9000-9100UDP to WAN1 - RTP traffic

All  other traffic to WAN2

This appears to work perfectly  accept for my external extensions. (Based at a different location  connected by internet and another RV042)

They can ring in to and from my Phone system however the RTP  trafic seems to get lost.

As far as i can tell from my Router logs  and WireShark log it appears that the RTP traffic is trying to use my  WAN2 (All data Broadband not my VoIP Broadband) abviously if the phone  is trying to talk to a different WAN the phone system is not going to be  able to communicate.

It has to be a binding problem as  if I disconnect my WAN2 the external extensions work correctly.

And  untill this wekend I have had no Protocol Binding in place and only  WAN1 ( VoIP Provider) inplace it has been working fine.

Further  information:

I am using 3CX phone system

VoIP Unlimited  Broadband and as VoIP provider

BT is my external Broadband  provider and my WAN2 at my site hosting the Phone System

I am  based in England

Hope someone can help! Thanks


Re: Protocol Binding RV042 VoIP

Hello Mark,

Examining your question I think this should be in a different topic area in the forum.  I understand that you are trying to separate voice and data traffic, but since you really are looking to perform protocol binding on the RV042, the folks who look at that device might be the best to assist.  My guess would be Network Infrastructure: WAN, Routing and Switching would be the best bet to get an answer quickly.

I am not absolutely familiar with the RV042 platform, but my thought would be to isolate the phone system IPs to a separate VLAN from data traffic and then perform protocol binding based on the source IP address as opposed to port number ranges.  If this doesn't work, I would suggest moving the topic over to that other area where you should get someone more knowledgeable than I am on that platform.

I hope that helps.  Have a great day.

Andy Latamore

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