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Provide Outside Dialtone

Dear all

I have connected MD110 Ericsson to cisco vocie gateway 2821.

the router is also connected via Ethernet to another router

the router B is also connected to another PBX(B).

the PBX(B) users want to hear PSTN dial tone.but nothing to hear!!

Router B:

dial-peer voice 9 voip

destination-pattern 9

session target ipv4: A)


router A:

dial-peer voice 10 pots

destination-pattern 9

forward digit all

port 0/2/0:15 (e1 port to pbx a )


whit this configure everything works but no PSTN dial tone

please help me.

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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone


You had asked this question before but not mentioned the full topology.

on router B configure

dial-peer voice 9 pots

incoming called-number 9

no direct-inward-dial

This will give you dialtone from the router. You cannot easily give PSTN dialtone, that would require overlap sending, this cannot be done unless the PBX does it.

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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone

Note after doing the above you will also need to reconfigure the voip dp to router a:

destination-pattern ...T

This will allow you to call any PSTN number longer than three digits.

You will need the same destination-pattern in router A for a pots dp.

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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone

kindly I have right now no problem about dialing PSTN

with this DP configuration I can dial any number from PSTN without problem

the issue is I can not hear PSTN dial tone after I dialed "9"..


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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone

The reason why you have "no PSTN dialtone" is that ISDN works in a way so that it doesn't give you dialtone after 9.

Actually, no call is made and the PSTN port is not even used when user on PBX presses 9.

Only when the number is completed, the call is made.

If you follows the steps I gave you above, you will have dialtone from router, that can be made to be the same as PSTN.

It is very complicated to get dialtone from PSTN and I don;t think you will be able to accomlish that.

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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone


I can generate dial tone near to PSTN from router by not using Direct-inward-D command

but the mail problem is that I have many dialpeers defines on this router,.

if my customers from pbx dial other number than 9 they wil hear this dial tone from router!!!!!!!

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Re: Provide Outside Dialtone

No, because you will have another incoming DP with direct-inward-dial

dial-peer voice 1 pots

incoming called-number [0-8]


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