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Provisioning Manager Design Question

I have a small design question regarding provisioning manager. Our Customer has the following setup:

- about 100 sites to be deployed. All using the same CUCM cluster and unity cluster

- All sites are in the same country = same dialplan

- On every site there will be managers/assistant/standard users

- All these type of users can have different calling rights

o Standard user 1 can be allowed international calls

o Standard user 2 can be allowed only local calls

- Depending on the user type (manager/assistant/standard user) different phone button templates and softkeytemplates will be used.

- No line/device approach  Every site has 5 CSS'es: CSS_SITEX_Internal,CSS_SITEY_National,…)

- All sites will be administrated (Move / add / Changes) using provisioning manager by 1 entity (eg an external company)

My first idea was the following approach:

- Globally configure subscriber types (manager/assisten/…)

- 1 Domain

- 5 Service Areas for each site (1 for every COR)

But that would create 500 Service Areas.. in 1 domain.. Wouldn't that decrease manageability?

Second idea was the following

- Globally configure subscriber types (manager/assistant/…)

- 1 domain for each site

- 5 Service areas in each domain.

But then, as I read trough the docs, “Domain Users are assigned taks privileges within a single domain.” So that would mean I need 100 accounts for my external company..

Also, wouldn't I have to recreate all provisioning attributes every time I need to add a new site? I want to have a simple way to add new site..

Thanks for your imput!!



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