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PSTN Call Hairpin requirement for IPCC Express

Hi Pros,

I have a client for whom we have installed IPCC Express 4.0(3) and Communications Manager 4.1(3) ;)

They have users at two sites, one at location called PUNE and other at location called CHENNAI.

IPCC agents would be logged on both sides to take calls and voice router at PUNE would receive incoming calls from PSTN and route to CCM > IPCC > AGENT.

All the while voice traffic passing over IP networks. Now the service provider has come up saying that the client needs a OSP (Other service provider) license if voice would traverse over WAN.

So client needs temporary workaround. They want first 10 calls from PSTN to be accepted by voice router and served to PUNE location agents and then 11th simultaneous call onwards to be forwarded (rerouted-hairpinned) back to PSTN long distance number.

This number happens to be CHENNAI ISDN number and the voice router would take care of the routing.(This would be hunting, no IPCC).

All this while calls would be going thru PSTN and not VoIP and will be in accordance of telecom rules in India.

Now, I need a technical configuration on how the same can be made possible. That is -

1) Accept only upto 10 calls at PUNE voice router.

2) Hairpin (forward) the 11th call onwards out PSTN using same PRI line to CHENNAI number.

I would appreciate if some pros could help me out of this one...



P.S.: Hardware for voice router is Cisco 2811 router with 12.4T IOS.

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Re: PSTN Call Hairpin requirement for IPCC Express

Can PSTN fallback feature help ?

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Re: PSTN Call Hairpin requirement for IPCC Express

Finally, in IPCC script, I created call redirect if agents busy to external no.

This worked !

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