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PSTN transfer results in 1way audio over WAN


I'm using CCM 4.2(3)

currently the phone system fowards straight to the auto attendant.

If the caller from the PSTN dialed an extension that belongs to a remote location the autoattendant will say:

"Wait while I transfer your call."

Everything works fine up to this point.

The phone rings, the user answers the call, the user can hear the audio, but the caller from the PSTN side cannot hear the users audio.

I've tried using different phone lines from remote sites, I've also used my local PRI lines, local analogue lines to see if the GW source from PSTN made a difference in the outcome, it seems that the source of my PSTN GW does not affect the problem (analog/PRI).

I've also tried calling main line (from my cell phone) > dial my own extension (in auto-attendant) > answer the call from my desk > try to foward call to any extension at a remote location.

Still the problem resides.

What do I need to check to further troubleshoot this?



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Re: PSTN transfer results in 1way audio over WAN

One way audio is typically due to an IP routing issue. Since you are traversing the WAN that sounds like the deal. So just make sure that you have a good 2 way route between the caller and the remote side. You will need a default route on the router and also if you are sourcing your traffic from a loopback perhaps do an extended ping between sites.

But that is more than likely your issue.

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