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PVDM2-24DM Help


I wanted to know if I someone can help me with an issue that I'm having, I just purchased a pvdm2-24dm module to put into one of our routers.

when I do a show modem version it comes up and says that the firware is not ready. I've downgraded the IOS from 15 to 12 because I've seen

serveral articles saying that would fix it but still  there are B's beside each of my modems.Any help on this item would be appreciated and thanks in advance and have a great day.                  

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PVDM2-24DM Help

Can you post, show ver, show inv.

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PVDM2-24DM Help

PVDMs work with IOS 12 or 15, pick the IOS you want to run and go with it. IOS 15 has more features for VoIP than 12 but just make sure you have the correct licences.

Im not sure what sh modem ver does, I have never used it and its not on my 12.4 24T 2811.

Are you just trying to see your DSP's, do a sh hardware or a sh diag. 

sh dspfarm all will show you what you have alloted once you build your profiles.

What are you trying to accomplish with your DSP's, maybe I can help you out a bit more if I know what the end state is supposed to be.

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Re: PVDM2-24DM Help


OP has Digital Modem hardware, That is a different product that regular PVDM, used to terminate modem calls.

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PVDM2-24DM Help

Belay my last post then!

Thanks for the info, time to do some reading!

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