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Q on GW - SRST


when adding a gateway to the CCM, we define a domain name and a description for that gateway, my question is:

1: can i configure this domain name as the ip address for the gateway itself, if yes then which IP address(ethernet,serial,..)

2: can i configure this domain name to be the name of the gateway (i.e the name Router in Router#) and if yes then do i have to have dns service running on my network to resolve this name?

3: according to description field it appears something like xxxxx@gateway so my qestion is this name after @ does it have to match the domain name (or ip address) i have configured in previuos step or it will work regardless what the desc is?

4: in SRST mode what IP address of the gateway to run srst (ethernet, serial,..) should i configure on ccm when i want to add this srst reference in ccm?

thanks alot


Re: Q on GW - SRST


If using MGCP gateway, you have to use the name of the router (hostname) in callmanager. If a domain name is configured on the router (using ip domain-name ) command then you have to enter the gateway name in callmanager as

. format. The description is automatically generated from the . that you configured in the Gateway name field in Callmanager.

If using h323 as the protocol you have to use the ip address of the gateway in Callmanager. Also make sure that the interface on the router which has this ip addresses be bound to H323. You can use command

int fa0/0

ip add

h323-gateway voip int

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr

4. Typically this would be your lan ip address. If your defaultgateway for PCs and phones is the same router (you only have one router for data and voice), then its generally recommended to leave the SRST reference to the Default gateway option under Device pool for this remote site. If you are having two separate routers, one for data and one for voice and your default gateway for phones and PCs are on the data router, then you will need to create a SRST reference and specify the voice gateway's ip address in the SRST reference. Also if using encryption and want to enable Secure SRST, you will need an SRST reference. Regardless of which deployment model is being used, I typically create an SRST reference for all remote sites.



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Re: Q on GW - SRST

thanks Sankar, 4 is very helpful and clear, but according to 1, and if there is no dns on my network and i configured the mgcp GW to use the name of the router in CCM then how could this name be resolved?

also agian what if i replaced the this name by the lan ip address of this mgcp GW? can this works?

and what if the name in ccm was the hostname while i modified the description to something otherwise this configured hostname?

thanks agian

Re: Q on GW - SRST


There is no dns resolution required or happening here. When you configure the mgcp call-agent command, the gateway registers with either the hostname (if no domain name is configured on the router) or . format(if a domain name is configured). Please refer to this link for more details.

Also modifying the description has no effect on gateway registration.



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