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QoS Configuration for Alcatel Phones


We have a 6509 at our core/distrubution and stacks of 3750s  at the access. We are using port-chanels for the uplinks configured as  trunks. All layer 3 information is on the 6509.

We are looking to  deploy Alcatel IP phones which will be marking audio and signalling as  ef and af31 respectively. The phones will be on their own vlan have their own dedicated ports  on the 3750s (ie not sharing with the PCs)

I  want to ensure voice traffic is priotised on the uplinks to the core.  As I understand, I shouldn't need to do any Qos config on the ports that

connect to the handsets as they are dedicated, with the exception of 'mls qos  trust dscp'. Then on the uplinks, I should just be able to use 'auto qos voip

trust' and this will transpose the DSCP markings to cos 5 and pop the  voice traffic in the priority queue for the uplink to the core? Does  this sound like an adequate configuration?

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Re: QoS Configuration for Alcatel Phones


Enable qos

Enable dscp trust on the access ports and uplinks

Enable priority queue on the desired ports and uplinks

Make sure that dscp to cos mapping has ef mapped to cos 5

Make sure dscp ef and cos 5 are mapped to the priority queue

Check the line card of 6500 for more specific details such as priority queue number


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