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QoS for CME Router Ehternet Port

Dear All,

I have a 2811 router with CME. 2 VLAN - Data VLAn is 1 and Voice VLAN is 10. The router is connected to 3750 switch as a trunk.

1. On Switch, I would like to use auto-qos. For Port to Cisco phone, i use "auto qos voip cisco-phone". For port to router, what command should i use? Is it ok to use "auto qos voip trust". Should I also need to use "mls qos trust dscp"

2. What qos command should i configured on router?



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Re: QoS for CME Router Ehternet Port

Use the "auto qos voip trust" on the ethernet port of the ROUTER (see example below). You don't need to mark the trunk port on the switch that connects to the router, as all traffic headed to the voice vlan on the router (from phones, etc.,) will be prioritized as they come in their respective ports. If you prioritize the router (as I show below), all outbound traffic leaving the router will be prioritized properly as well.

To explain it another way, the router will do the prioritizing for you, so you don't need to have the switch prioritize traffic on the trunk.



interface FastEthernet0/0

description Trunk to switch

no ip address

duplex auto

speed auto

auto qos voip trust

service-policy output AutoQoS-Policy-Trust


interface FastEthernet0/0.10

description Data VLAN 10

encapsulation dot1Q 10

ip address

no snmp trap link-status


interface FastEthernet0/0.20

description Voice VLAN 20

encapsulation dot1Q 20

ip address

no snmp trap link-status





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