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QOS for non-cisco VOIP phones



We are using a cloud based VOIP service provider for our phone system. We are using non-cisco (Mitel) phones. So basically phones are connected to access-switch and then they go out to core-switch and then to edge router and out to internet to cloud service provider for call routing. We have been having quality issues and they want us to implement QOS on our network for voice.


How do I go about this? Should I use AutoQos? Do i have to configure QOS on each device in the path (access-switch, core-switch and edge-router)??

Any configuration examples would be of great help.


Thank you!


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Hello,Any input/suggestions??


Any input/suggestions??


Thank you.

Is this coming in over the

Is this coming in over the Internet? Or perhaps MPLS? Generally your WAN bandwidth to the VoIP provider is lower than your internal speeds and the choking point for your voice packets.

Yes, you need to configure QoS end-to-end for it to actually be a working deployment. But it's not just a matter of pasting configs up here for you. You need to identify your business needs and build a proper QoS plan for them.

But, as an easy start, trace out your network, find where the slowest link is and see if it's being heavily saturated.

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Hello, Yes, this is over the



Yes, this is over the internet and we have a 20Mbps ISP link which not overly saturated. But that is the least bandwidth point on the network. 


We have a vlan assigned for our IP phones so I can configrue QOS for that VLAN. I am just not if I need to configure QOS on all switches a routers or configuring it on the edge router (where the ISP link is) should be enough?


Should marking the traffic on edge internal interface and applying QOS on the external (ISP) interface be enough?


Thank you.



It will help, but QoS over

It will help, but QoS over the internet isn't really guaranteed...

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