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QoS for VOIP


We got a SIP server placed in our office(say office A). I would like to do QoS for VOIP traffic. Anyone please help me with the configs for office A?

Also, w have a remote office (say office B) where users use IP phones connecting to the SIP server in the other office A through internet. I would like to do QOS configuration in this office as well. Any help greatly appreciated....

- Ribin

Cisco Employee

Re: QoS for VOIP


There are a couple of different items that you will need to consider before approaching QoS in this scenario.

1.) Since you are running SIP, there are a number of other applications (ie IM applications) that also use SIP.  The amount of other SIP traffic that is running on your network may be negligible relative to your VoIP solution.  If you are want to limit the QoS on the "legitimate" VoIP traffic, you'll need to be able to "match" on the traffic using an ACL.

2.) In some cases, the DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) value will be already set by the application passing the SIP traffic.  This is often the "easier" way to do QoS - match on the DSCP bits.  If you want to know for sure if these are set, do a packet capture (using Wireshark) for the relevant traffic and expand the IP header.

Once you make these considerations - whether you are going to QoS the traffic based on the DSCP or based on an access-list - we'll need to know what type of device(s) you have on your network that will be responsible for QoS'ing the traffic.  If you have an ASA (similar for other Cisco Firewall device), consider the link below for Modular Policy Framework:

If you are going to QoS the flow using IOS, consider the link below:

If this answers your questions, please be sure to let us know.

Best Regards,


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