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Qs on Voice Mail Port Wizard

hi guys

i have 3 question on Voice Mail Port Wizard in CCM 5.x, specifically when using Voice Mail Port Wizard there are some config settings under Cisco Voice Mail Device Information like: CSS, AAR CSS, location

1: i still didn't get the idea behind these settings, how could this port between unity and CCM be used to dial numbers, so that I have to restrict it by assigning a CSS for it,

2: why and how to implement the locations for these ports if I have 32 ports between unity and CCM, i know

that the purpose of locations is to help WAN links from becoming oversubscribed,

but I still didn't get the idea behind assigning locations to these ports

3: finally what is meant by device and line in this VM port wizard, since there are settings per device and settings per line?

please help



Re: Qs on Voice Mail Port Wizard

Here are the answers:

The VM ports indeed "dial" numbers, for example, let's say that a person reaches a CallHandler in Unity and you are prompt to dial the extension of a person in order to reach him, the VM Port is the one that dials the extension of that person, in other words the CSS of the VM port needs to have the partition of the Phone in order to be able to transfer the call. The same thing for the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator), for this to work the CSS of the VM port must have the partition of the MWI ON/OFF extension in order to dial it.

A VM Port is a device like an IP Phone so this works the same way, you can assign CSS to the IP Phone or per Line. The same thing for the Location since you can transfer a call that has reached a CallHandler in Unity or that reached a Subscriber's VoiceMail to an External number so the same thing applies to the VM ports as a normal IP Phone.



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Re: Qs on Voice Mail Port Wizard

thnaks Jorge for this clarification, but excuse me for these two stupid questions :)

1: ok the VM port is like a ip phone but what/where is the device and where is the line in the VM port?

2: according to locations,so do i have to put all my 32 ports in the HUB_NONE location or there is another possibility to put some of them in other locations, if so how this would work?

thanks alot

Re: Qs on Voice Mail Port Wizard

Locations work in conjunction with regions to define the characteristics of a network link. Locations define the amount of available bandwidth for the link and regions define the type of compression (G.711, G.729, etc) that is used on the link. So, again just think that the VM port is a device capable of making a call, so the location applies the same way. The location that you apply to the VM ports depend on your system config.

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