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Query on CCM 4.2(1)


We have CCM with version 4.2(1) and 300 IP phones. The extension numbers are in the range of 101 - 399. We also have route patterns like 2xxxxxxx, 24xxxxxx etc. for the outgoing calls through the PSTN. So now say from the extension 145 the user tries to dial 24660143, the moment user dials the 3rd digit (i.e. 246) the call lands on the extension 246.

So how to overcome this problem, can someone help me on this...



Re: Query on CCM 4.2(1)

The 2 most common reason for this to happen could be:

1. The CSS assigned to the phone does not have the partition assigned to the Route Pattern

2. The Gateway assigned to the Route Pattern is not registered and therefore the RP is not available during Digit Analysis.

What ever the exact reason would be, the primary issue is that the Route Pattern is not available for digit anaylsis.

Also it is not a good idea to have overlapping Dialplan with your Internal and External dialing. If I take the above Dial Plan as an example, when the RP is working fine and if a user dials 246, they will have to wait for the Interdigit Timeout for the Internal Phone to ring. It is always a good idea to have a 0 or 9 dial for external calls


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Re: Query on CCM 4.2(1)


Yes, the partition assigned to the route pattern was not present in the CSS of the phone. And now the behaviour is exactly the same as you mentioned, now the user (say from extension 145) dials to reach the extension 246 he has to wait for the interdigit timeout.

We are already using the option you suggested like dialing 0 or 9 for external calls, however the problem we are facing is if the user wants to dial back the number he had received a missed call or received call, then he needs to edit the number and place 0 or 9 before the call is placed.

So to overcome this only we were testing the option of dialing external numbers without 0 or 9 as the first digit.

So is there a way to enable the user to dial the numbers from his missed call and received call list without editing the number (while we use the option of 0 or 9 for external calls).



Re: Query on CCM 4.2(1)


you can add one or more prefixes to inbound calling numbers. This is really easy.

The configuration process depends on your gateway. If you have configured MGCP Gateway, the prefix will be added from CCM. If you have H.323 you can configure translation profiles on your gateway.




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