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Ques on CCM5.x SIP/SCCP and Licenses


i have 3 questions on ccm 5.x, hope to get clarifications on

1- does ccm 5.x support both sip and sccp signaling protocols, that is can i have in my ccm 5.x cluster a combination of some ip phones running sip and some other ip phones run sccp

2- if so, what is the recommendation from cisco for choosing the signaling protocol in ccm 5.x, to be sip for all phones, sccp for all phones or a combination of both within the same cluster.

3- what about the licenses story for sip end points in ccm 5.x , either for a cisco sip or any third party sip end point, in other words, can those end points run even without a license (as in pre-ccm 5.x) or the ip phone won't work without a license, and how to get this license and install it on the ip phone (for either cisco or any other vendor ip phones)

thanks alot


Re: Ques on CCM5.x SIP/SCCP and Licenses

1. yes you can run it in mixed mode with sip and sccp.

2. i would say if you are using all cisco ip phones, to stick with skinny. If you want to use third party sip phones then there is a good reason to use sip in the cluster.

3. For 3rd party SIP phones, licenses are divided into two types. Basic SIP license and Adv. SIP. You can read more about licensing here.

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Re: Ques on CCM5.x SIP/SCCP and Licenses

thanks Sankar for ur helpful answer, is there a good document that explains the implementation process for installing cisco sccp phones and cisco sip phones (i mean cisco tftp config and firmare files issues) and also other vendor's sip phones with ccm 5.x

thanks again

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