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Question about CallProcess

Hello guys ,

I have a doubt with this scenario :


2 H323 Gateways each with 3 E1 lines.

1 RL point to RG ----GW1/GW2

Scenario 1

Imagine that i have LAN connectivy on GW1 but i put on shutdown state the 3 E1lines..If a make a call and i have my GW1 the first priority on Rg.

The process is go to GW2 right?

Scenario 2 :

If i have on GW1

dial-peer duplicated with different prefences..


Dial-peer 1

pref 1

ssession target

dial-peer 2

session targe

pref 2

dial-peer 3

session target


I make a call? and my 3 dials peers are busy or not available..what is the next step if   i have another gateway? or the call is dropped?

Thanks very much for support.


Cisco Employee

Re: Question about CallProcess

Yes, just make sure to configure

no dial-peer outbound status-check pots

In H323 config, otherwise there won't be any failover in CUCM.

For preference question, once you hunt thru all dial peers you might have configured, call is dropped.



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if this helps, please rate
Cisco Employee

Re: Question about CallProcess

It depends.

"Imagine that i have LAN connectivy on GW1 but i put on shutdown state  the 3 E1lines..If a make a call and i have my GW1 the first priority on  Rg.

The process is go to GW2 right?"

With h323 CM sends the call to the gateway.  The gateway will respond with a cause code.

Depending on the CM version there is a CM service parameter that determines if CM continues hunting based on the cause code.  In older versions there are parameters such as:

stop routing on user busy

stop routing on unalloacted number

stop routing on out of bandwidth

In newer versions there is a single advanced service parameter with open text field to specify stop routing conditions, "Stop Routing on Q.931 Disconnect Cause Code".

Depending on your specific gateway config and how the call is disconnected you can adjust these parameters so hunting continues.

Really the only way CM will NOT continue hunting is when media lock occurs. For h.323 this is typically associated with a proceeding, alerting, disconnect, or release_complete message that includes a progress indicator value that requests to cut through audio.  Once media is locked to a gateway (or endpoint) CM still not hunt any further. There is an outstanding feature request to address this:

CSCsb22055 CCM shoudl reroute to next route list member after media established


Community Member

Re: Question about CallProcess


Thanks for the help.

I check the options on service parameters and i think for this issue we need to modify :

Clusterwide Parameters (Hunt List)

Stop Hunting on Out of Bandwidth Flag

The other options is for intercluster scenarios.

Thanks fot the help

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about CallProcess

"Out of bandwith" is determined by Call Adminissions Control mechanisms such as the Locations feature in CM or IOS Gatekeeper functionality.  I doubt this would come into play for the scenariou you describe where a voice E1 is taken out of service.

Regarding "intercluster" I believe that is incorrect documentaiton on the service parameter. The parameters affect all calls routed via H.323. This includes H.323 endpoints, H.323 gateways, and Intercluster Trunks.

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